Today I contacted Microsoft support for a status update on my app, since it was on day 14 of content compliance testing when the step says it usually takes 5 days. Despite my previous post, I wasn’t angry, I was just a little annoyed and more curious than anything else. Backlogs happen, and I thought maybe there was some issue with my app on first submission that just required a bit more testing.

The response from support made me a bit upset, though. When I asked for a status update, the response was that support cannot contact testing. The recommendation was to cancel the app submission, and then resubmit and the app would go through faster this time. I had read about this as an answer in the support forums, but I figured they had to be kidding. No joke, that somehow qualifies as developer support. So I guess all of the bluster about making the app approval process transparent was just the Microsoft marketing department having some fun at Apple’s expense.


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